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~~~~~~~~~~~~ Temple Sinai Membership Application 2024-2025 ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Thank you for completing Temple Sinai’s membership form.  We look forward to welcoming you to our community.
Don't hesitate to call the temple at 617-277-5888 if you have any questions.

Enter information for the first adult below

Please enter information for the second adult below.
If there are other individuals in your household, including children, please select the number and enter the information in the fields provided. 
If any children will be attending the Temple Sinai Religious School, please select the number and enter the information in the fields provided. (School registration involves a separate process. Please visit the Religious School page on our website ( for more details.)
If you would like the yahrzeits of any loved ones to be remembered, please select the number of entries and enter the information in the fields provided. 

SinaiPromise Membership, our annual dues model, aligns our approach to financial support for Temple Sinai with our core value of being an inclusive community, welcoming all regardless of their ability to provide financial support. 
  • In order to sustain Temple Sinai—our staff, programs and facility—we ask that all our members who can do so pledge the sustaining level of support (listed below). 
  • For those who are able, we ask for an amount over and above the sustaining level. 
  • For those unable to commit to the sustaining level, we ask that you do make a pledge reflecting your financial ability and the meaning that being a part of the Temple Sinai community provides you.
  • Pledged amounts do not need to be paid at once and can be spaced over the course of the year, but must be paid in full by by June 15, 2025.
The sustaining amount for a one-adult household is $2,740
The sustaining amount for a two-adult household is $4,725

(The above amounts each include a $100 security fee, reflecting our increased security costs.)
We are pleased to confirm our membership and are committed to the future of Temple Sinai. In recognition of the importance of the Temple Sinai community, we are making a 2024-2025 pledge commitment of: 
Please indicate below if you would like to pay all or some of your SinaiPromise Membership amount now, or if you prefer to be billed for your pledge. If you select "pay now", the payment screen will provide options for a payment schedule.
(please input your full pledge amount even if you will be selecting a payment schedule)
We will pay the above amount on the following payment schedule:
Wed, July 17 2024 11 Tammuz 5784